+ Technical, market and economical evaluation of mobile operators in Chile and Ivory Coast for investment banks.

+ Planning of 3rd generation mobile systems (W-CDMA) in Spain.

+ Technical support to Københavns Energi (Copenhagen Energy) TETRA mobile project.

+ Planning, vendor negotiations and radio measurements.

+ Advice to Hovedstadens Sygehusfællesskab to set up a microwave link.
+ Planning of GSM 900/DCS 1800 systems in Ireland, Austria and in Poland as an employee in Tele Danmark.
+ Participated in INSEAD marketing course for mobile license applicants for mobile operators.
+ Responsible for and active participation within GSM, DCS 1800, DECT and ISDN type approval tests. Broad measurement experience within and accredited test system (Test house).
+ Active participant in standardisation work in ETSI for GSM data and GSM testing.
+ Membership database and data warehouse for FDB/COOP Danmark
+ Market database and data warehouse for FDB/COOP Danmark
+ Database for Berlingske On-line (newspaper)
+ Gutenberghus, FDB membership, COOP "Kundemeter", Samvirke (FDB's monthly magazine