Microwave link planning

Course description


Microwave link planning


The goal is to give the participants an understanding of the planning of a microwave link and the practical problems to be expected..
There is focus on en practical oriented understanding of the usability of a position for use in a radio based telecommunication network.
The participants will after the course be able to participate in planning of microwave links.


Staff that are going to plan microwave links or need to understand the issues.

Required background:

Technical staff without any specific background


1 day á 8 hours. See Timeplan

Number of participants:

Maximum 10 persons per class.

Course form:

There is a mix of classroom teaching and group solution of exercises.

Course description:

Basic radio. Link budgets. Position planning. Antennas and cable systems.


Exercises that illustrates the concepts and gives the participants an idea of what is involved in planning a microwave link.


We suggest, that before the course take place, there is meeting to discuss the detailed content, so that the course will get the maximum relevance for the participants.

Course language:

Danish or English as determined by the customer.

Necessary equipment:

PC and projector(XGA) for Powerpoint presentations. Blackboard or whiteboard . Overhead projector. Some limited photocopying may be needed.


See Pricelist
Course material 50 € per participant.
All prices are exclusive VAT

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