For work outside Danmark the prices are found here and are in ex VAT. For work inside Danmark see prisliste


+ The price is 165 / hour on Danish weekdays between 9.00 and 18.00. For outside hours add 85 /hour

+ Invoicing is per hour.. Minimum 7 hours/day

+ Local transport is invoiced per 15 min of travel time.

+ For order over 100 hours per consultant per month there is a rebate of 15% on the additional hours.

+ At the signature of the agreement either 30% of the contract value or an estimate of the work in the first month is invoiced (Minimum 10% of the contract value).

+ 300 for the first 5 participants/hour. 30 /hour/participant for the following.
+ Coursematerial: see the inividual course descriptions.
+ Consultancy in connection to the courses are charged as consultancy.
+ The customer must supply:

+ PC with projector.

+ Course room with PC's (PC's only when needed). 1 PC per student

+ A server with Apache, PHP and a database (When needed)

+ Lunch, Coffee, soft drinks

The rates for accommodation and for living expenses are the rates used by the Danish state for its employees. Travel time are invoiced at 60% of the consultancy rate. Other external expenses are invoiced + 10%.

+ Courses : 50% at ordering time. The remaining at delivery of the course.
+ Consultancy: At ordering time 30% of the sum agreed or an estimate for the first month (minimum 10% sum agreed)
+ Travel tickets and hotels are supplied by the customer.
+ Payment conditions are net cash within 8 days.
+ All prices are exclusive of VAT