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Wireless Communication


Course Description


Wireless communication


The purpose is to give the participants a competence so that they can write programs for simple wireless applications using WML,XHTML, SQL og PHP

Target group:

Persons who are going to work with wireless communication.

Students background:

The participants must have some programming experience and some knowledge of the Internet.


10 course days of 4 hours + 1 of 8 hours. See timeplan

Number of participants:

Maximum 10 persons per class.

Course form:

One person per computer. There is a mix of classroom teaching and individual solution of exercises.
1-2 lessons and rehearsals per day.
The rest are exercises.

Course description:

Basic GSM/UMTS. History of mobile radio. Basics. standardization. Mobile market. Mobile data. Databases. WEB and WAP servers.
WAP/WML programming. Database design and SQL. PHP programming. Integration. A larger exercise


WML/XHTML via simulator. Design and implementation of databases. SQL insertions of data and queries. PHP programming for WEB and WAP, Larger integrated exercise.


We suggest, that before the course take place, there is meeting to discuss the detailed content, so that the course will get the maximum relevance for the participants.
We will normally use the database MySQL and the web server APACHE with PHP. For WML/XHTML Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit is used as simulator. Other databases supplied by the customer may be used.

Course language:

Danish or English as determined by the customer.

Necessary equipment:

PC and projector(XGA) for Powerpoint presentations. Blackboard or whiteboard. Overhead projector. Some limited photocopying may be needed.
Server with database and PC's for the participants.


See Pricelist
Course material 175 € per participant.

All prises are without VAT.

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